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MSc in Data Science – Distance Learning

3 Semesters

Qualification Awarded:
Master of Science in Data Science


Mode of Study:
Distance Learning

Earn  an MSc in Data Science Online

Advance your Career with Data Science Skills Which are in High Demand in a Wide Range of Areas (from Marketing to Finance and from Medicine to Psychology)

An industry-driven, interdisciplinary MSc Degree.

Through the MSc in Data Science of the University of Nicosia you will develop critical skills that will help design the appropriate data analysis pipeline. You will be able to collect requirements, design, implement, evaluate, and communicate a data science solution.

You will be given the opportunity to work in real-world problems with and with real data in collaboration with industrial partners (e.g. Expedia). You will gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art data science technologies like Deep and Reinforcement learning.

After the completion of the MSc you will be in a position to pursue a career in applied data science positions where interdisciplinary skills are required (e.g. bioinformatics, computational social science, data-driven journalism, financial forecasting, etc.) or to conduct research and create new innovative methods.

  • Renowned faculty from around the world, with extensive industry expertise

  • A fully online course leading to a University of Nicosia degree

  • Option of full-time or part-time study, depending on your schedule and commitments

  • Flexible Specialization, Experiential Learning, Interactive Learning Platform

  • Partnered with Expedia & M Competition: Data Science Instructors with Industry Experience. Data Providers

  • Work on Real Data Science challenges

  • Opportunity to participate in the M Competition and the M Conference

  • Courses built based on the industry requirements

  • Earn a degree in one of the most in-demand job fields globally

  • Access to an extended business network & connected with global employers

  • Award-winning e-learning technologies and the first university in Europe to receive triple-certification for online education

Who is this Programme for

The MSc in Data Science is a perfect fit for…

  • Individuals already working in their own industries and wish to boost their career by gaining the most required skillset today

  • Students just graduating from various disciplines (Business, Finance, Marketing, Psychology, Computer Science) and want to pursue a Data Scientist position in their field

  • People that are excited to do research and innovation by developing their own tools or businesses in the domain of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Why Study Data Science?

  • Data-science related occupations: a projected growth rate between 2016-2026 higher than 10%, which places them amongst the top 10 occupations with the highest percent change of employment. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Alarming shortage of data expertise in the EU. In the year 2017, the estimated Data Professionals Skills gap reached approximately 449,000 unfilled positions, corresponding to 6% of total demand. By 2025 the gap is expected to expand to 1 million unfilled positions in the EU member states. EU Report

  • Major gaps in ICT companies (Total Market, Large Companies) with skills like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Science. IDC, Cyprus ICT 2019-2012 Forecast and Analysis

Flexible Learning Tailored to Your Needs

Our Programme is Tailored to the Needs of Working Professionals and New Graduates

By choosing the number of courses per semester, students have the opportunity to determine their time schedule, study pace and workload. In addition, the distance learning mode, comprising online interactive lectures, tutorials, activities, and assignments, allows study outside normal working hours, as well as autonomy and control.

The programme is conducted completely online, with three courses delivered over 14 weeks each semester on an e-Learning Environment (Moodle), which includes multiple embedded synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, such as webinars, online chats, discussion fora and wikis. In addition, recorded lectures are designed to enhance student interactivity and active learning by including engaging slides with clickable tabs, interactive quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, matching activities and opinion polls.

Some of Our Courses

  • COMP-542DL – Data Programming
  • COMP-540DL – Mathematics for Data Science
  • COMP-543DL – Data Management and Visualization
  • COMP-544DL – Machine Learning
  • COMP-548DL – Big Data Management & Processing
  • COMP-546DL – Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • COMP-549DL – Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP-551DL – Business Intelligence
  • COMP-547DL – Social and Web Data Mining
  • COMP-553DL – Data Science in Medicine and Bioinformatics

Our Faculty

Renowned Academics From Around the World With Extensive Industry Expertise

Partnered with Expedia Group

  • One of the Most Technologically Advanced Firms in the Travel & Tourism Industry

  • Instructors that Tackle Real-Wold Data Science Challenges

  • Data Providers

  • Potential for Internship

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Partnered with M Competitions

  • The University of Nicosia hosts the M Competitions, one of the largest data forecasting competitions in the world

  • Over 30,000 teams globally are currently registered for the M5 competition

  • The current fifth edition (M5) of the Competition is taking place in collaboration with other leading universities in the field of forecasting (INSEAD and the National Technical University of Athens) and some of the most advanced and innovative corporate users of data science in the world (Google, Walmart, and Uber)

  • Prof Spyros Makridakis, who is considered the father of Forecasting, is part of the teaching faculty

  • Data Providers

  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in the M competition and the M Conference

Tuition and Scholarships

The total cost of the master’s programme is €12,060.


The University of Nicosia believes strongly in expanding accessibility to and affordability of higher education. Over the last decade, the University of Nicosia has awarded over €100 million euros of financial aid to students through a combination of merit scholarships, need-based scholarships and work-study programs.

Since the MSc program has a rolling admissions policy, scholarships are reviewed and awarded monthly, in conjunction with admissions decisions.

Data Science Merit Scholars

Type: Merit Based
Amount: 20%

- Students with strong undergraduate academic records. Minimum level for consideration is a GPA > 3.5 or equivalent.
- Publications in peer-to-peer data science conferences/journals will be considered.
- Data Science related achievements (e.g. excellence in Kaggle competitions, contributions to open source projects) will be considered.
- Industry experience/leadership in data-driven applications will be appreciated


Number Available
Up to 3 per month (up to 36 annually)

Application Process
Submit MSc in Data Science Scholarship Application, including supporting documents.

Opportunity Scholars

Type: Need Based
Amount: 20%-75%

- Students with financial need who can benefit from this program are eligible to apply for this need-based scholarship award.
- To be considered for this scholarship, in addition to the scholarship application, students need to provide an income statement / evidence of financial need.
- Scholarships are awarded based on a sliding scale based on financial need metrics and subject to budget availability.


Number Available
Up to 3 per month (up to 36 annually)

Application Process
Submit MSc in Data Science Scholarship Application, including an income statement / proof of financial need.

Data Engineering Work-Study Scholars

Type: Work-Study
Amount: 15%-30%

- Students with the interest and capability to work as research assistants at the University of Nicosia and tackle challenging tasks in the data science arena.
- Positions are allocated based on position and project availability.


Number Available
Up to 2 per month (up to 24 annually)

Application Process
Submit MSc Data Science Scholarship Application, including a brief proposal explaining what services you can provide to the university.

UNIC Alumni Scholarship

Type: UNIC Alumni
Amount: 10%

- Students who graduated from the University of Nicosia with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (Alumni).


Number Available

Application Process
Submit MSc Data Science Scholarship Application, including your UNIC Student ID number.

Scholarship Terms

  • Scholarship applications are reviewed monthly. Applications must be submitted by the last day of the month to be eligible for that month’s review.
  • Only students who have completed their MSc application and have been accepted to the MSc are eligible to submit a scholarship application.
  • Each student can earn a maximum of one (1) merit or need-based scholarship, though need and merit scholarships can be combined.
  • Work-study programs can be combined with either need or merit scholarships upon special approval.
  • Scholarships are applied on a pro-rata basis to each course in the MSc.
  • The University of Nicosia reserves the right, at its sole discretion to award or not award any scholarship to any student and/or to change the number of scholarships awarded, their eligibility requirements or any other aspect of the financial aid program.

Scholarship Application for MSc in Data Science

Study at the University of Nicosia (UNIC)

The Largest University in Cyprus

  • #106 Ranked in QS World University Rankings (EECA Region)

  • In top 400 universities globally in social and economic impact (THE University Impact Ranking)
  • #42 in the world in the core area of Quality Education (THE University Impact Ranking)
  • Leading University Globally in Blockchain Education
  • #1 Largest University in S. Europe that Teaches Primarily in English

  • 12,000+ Students from Over 70 Countries

  • 100+ Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees

UNIC’s Vibrant Urban Campus

With Probably the Best Student Residences in all of Europe

  • Very Affordable, Starting at €120 per week

  • Fully Equipped Apartments With En-suite Bathroom and Kitchen

  • All Inclusive Room Costs (Electricity, Water, Internet, Cable TV)

  • 24 hour Reception/Security and Electronic Access Controls

  • Restaurant/Cafe, Mini-market, Gym, Study Room, TV Room, Games Area, Laundry Room

  • Parking Garage and Bicycle Racks

  • Just a 2-minute Walk from Campus

UNIC’s Vibrant Urban Campus

With Probably the Best Student Residences in all of Europe

  • Very Affordable, Starting at €120 per week

  • Fully Equipped Apartments With En-suite Bathroom and Kitchen

  • All Inclusive Room Costs (Electricity, Water, Internet, Cable TV)

  • 24 hour Reception/Security and Electronic Access Controls

  • Restaurant/Cafe, Mini-market, Gym, Study Room, TV Room, Games Area, Laundry Room

  • Parking Garage and Bicycle Racks

  • Just a 2-minute Walk from Campus

Online Education at UNIC

The First University in the EU and the Thirteenth University Globally to be awarded 5 QS Stars in Distance Education

Our University has been a pioneer in online/distance learning education in Europe, supporting both its own degree programmes, as well as those of its joint degree partners.

UNIC is the first university in the European Union to be awarded a 5-Star QS rating for Online/Distance Learning by the QS Intelligence Unit and the first university globally to receive triple accreditation for its online learning quality.

5 QS Stars in Online/Distance Education

Student Success Stories

See what it means to be part of the UNIC family and find out what it feels like to follow your dreams and THINK BIG.

Watch the real life UNIC Stories of our students and graduates and see how we can inspire, support and enable you to reach your career and life goals.

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“Studying Computer Science at UNIC is a great experience. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to share their expertise and provide support. The majority of classes have an impressively low student-to-teacher ratio, which makes it easier to get to know your fellow classmates, and also gives professors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their students and deliver material at the right pace.”

Hanna Sababa, Computer Science - Class of 2018

“Before starting my university experience, I aimed to find a programme that would give me all the necessary tools to stand out when I finish my degree. Studying Computer Science at UNIC has helped in creating a very strong basis to build my future. The coursework and the deep knowledge and experience of the lecturers on their topics gave me added motivation, and has helped to jump-start my career path to becoming a software developer.”

Savvas Karasavvas, Computer Science - Class of 2015